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Your Photographer on your wedding day is the single most valuable investment you can have. Jodie Farbotnik is Known for her refined talents in photographing elegant and timeless wedding memories. Her photography has taken her to amazing locations from Paris, Africa, China as well as photographing at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

She has recently been requested and photographed with world known, top wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis this past wedding season.

Jodie believes that photography is always evolving. Every photograph taken is an opportunity to learn and practice and strive to create a new iconic image that represents outstanding creative photography. Her photography studies began in St. Remy France with Master Photographer James O’mara and each year she continues to attend workshops and conferences around the country!

Jodie Farbotnik and the Ever After Images team will provide a flawless guide and advice as well as creative elements of photography for your wedding day.


Style, creativity and experience will set your pictures apart from all others.